12 november 2019

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TECHNOVISA organized the conference of subcontractors

Yesterday our quarterly conference of subcontractors was held at TECHNOVISA's.

TECHNOVISA is one of the leading logistics companies in Russia that operates in the market of domestic and international transports. We provide services for vehicle transportation by various fleet of trucks, including our subcontracting partners.

TECHNOVISA aims to maintain high-quality services and its leadership in the transport market along with reducing negative environmental impacts. Therefore we strictly comply with the internal Quality and Environmental Policy and call for its compliance by all our contractors and stakeholders.

Vehicle transportation is a constantly developing field requiring continuous monitoring of all legal and regulatory developments and customer requirements.

To ensure that all our subcontractors have actual valuable information regarding the transport of commercial vehicles, TECHNOVISA regularly sends out newsletters and periodically holds conferences of subcontractors.

Agenda of the last conference was:

  • Prospects for the transport industry development for 2020-2021 years;
  • Changes in customer assessment of transportation quality and updating the KPI targets;
  • Changes in tax legislation relating our industry;
  • Joint framework targets for the 2020 year.

As a result of our dynamic conversation, we identified opportunities for improving our interaction with clients and contractors, questions for detailed discussion and possibilities for further progress.