Cargo transportation

Road transportation is a fast and cost-efficient method of cargo delivery. Apart from transportation of vehicles, TechnoVisa Company also offers cargo transportation services both in Russia and abroad.

At the moment the Company has 20 road-trains with tint semitrailers dedicated for this activity.

Since 2012 the Company has successfully conducted scheduled transportation of RENAULT spare parts from AVTOVAZ factory to RENAULT RUSSIA factory in Moscow. This type of transportation suggests parts being delivered from one assembly line to another where the question of delivery time is crucial and requires working processes of our company being 100% efficient.

In order to optimize transportation processes TechnoVisa uses twenty-four-hour monitoring system. 

Despite the provision of mobile communication, the company’s trucks are equipped with Global navigation satellite systems (GLONASS), fuel consumption sensors, and speed and temperature detectors. GPS-tracking hosting is provided by own server equipment.

All business processes are automated. Logistic Service activity is completely maintained by modern technologies. Logistic activity is also a part of a single information system which includes a compound, transport department, a manufacturer, and a final freight receiver. Due to that it is possible to make transportations high-technology, prompt, and safe and to provide continuous work of all links of supply chains.