As one of the leaders in road transportation, we:

  • Improve quality of our services
  • Promote business of our customers and partners
  • Strive to be the best employer to our employees
  • Encourage growth of vehicle transportation market in Russia
As a Renault Trucks, Krone, and Rolfo dealer we meet clients’ requirements of high-quality, reliable, and enduring machinery ant its maintenance.

Environmental and Quality Management Policy of TechnoVisa Company

TechnoVisa Company is one of the leading transport and logistics Russian companies that operates at domestic and international transportation markets. We render transportation service of finished vehicles and other cargoes by the means of our own fleet of trucks and trailers.

We aspire to satisfy our clients’ requirements of high-quality transportation. Our confidence of success is based on our following advantages:

  • quick response to client demands,
  • highly qualified personnel,
  • use of modern and high-technology vehicles produced by leading global manufacturers,
  • constant monitoring of cargoes location and delivery on time,
  • optimization of logistics,
  • responsible and careful handling of cargoes at all stages of services rendering,
  • regular professional training of the personnel,
  • TechnoVisa’s own Service Station for maintenance and repair of trucks which is equipped in accordance with the newest world standards.

We strive for high quality of our services, long-term leadership at the transportation market, and lowering of negative effect on the environment according to the following principles and commitments:

  • meeting legal and normative requirements in the sphere of quality, environment, and safety of transportation,
  • inclusion of all employees in Integrated System of Environmental and Quality Management,
  • gradual improvement of environmental aspects and prevention of negative impact on the environment,
  • improvement of effectiveness of the Integrated System of Environmental and Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001 и ISO 14001 requirements.

Environmental concern is an essential element of our company activity, thus we regularly monitor environmental impact and we will reduce this impact when technologically and economically possible.

We are obliged to share this Policy with all employees, clients, providers, suppliers, and interested parties. Each worker of our Company shall understand and implement this Policy in the activities.