Transportation of vehicles

Having more than 15 years of experience and broad geographic reach, TechnoVisa Company offers wide range of transportation services while transportation of finished vehicles is the core activity.

At the moment, TechnoVisa has 320 car carriers:


320 trucks

VOLVO и Renault



All the machinery is regularly maintained at TechnoVisa’s Service Station. 100% of fleet is equipped with GPS/GLONASS systems which allow to:

  • monitor location of cargoes;
  • fix time and the fact of passing of route control points;
  • monitor fuel consumption as well as general technical condition of a truck;
  • control diver’s compliance with work and rest regime;
  • react promptly to unexpected circumstances;
  • adjust routes in accordance with a situation on the road.

One of the criteria of high-quality transportations is a qualification of driver personnel. TechnoVisa’s drivers are trained according to the following scheme:

  • a primary training when employed which includes theoretical classes on general requirements: regulations on acceptance of vehicles, loading and unloading, and safe transportations;
  • a practical training on correct loading and fastening of vehicles;
  • a training with a driver-tutor before being allowed to work;
  • additional training which include theoretical and practical parts are conducted in case of new clients’ instructions and regulations;
  • regular knowledge assessment.


Quality of service and strict fulfillment of clients’ requirements are priorities of TechnoVisa’s business.